Automation, Process Development and Bespoke Machines

There are two choices when it comes to process improvement, either pick something off the shelf, or have exactly what you want to suit your specific requirements - something bespoke.


Every company we work with is different; all having different set ups, requirements, and challenges.  Our philosophy is to manufacture a solution which meets the exact specifications for the job it's intended for.


It’s a competitive marketplace and we understand the challenges our clients face.  We pride ourselves on our knowledge, our location, and our success stories.


Why settle for less and impact your own reputation by choosing substandard products?


When it comes to process development, we consider the design and construction, automation, and process improvements.  Technology doesn’t stand still so it’s important to keep up to date with the times and meet your own customers’ expectations.  We believe in a collaborative approach – bringing the engineer, the manufacturer and you, the customer - together.


When it comes to design and construction, we have worked on a broad range of projects including specialist roll formers, assembly lines and food processing machines.


Allow us to understand your processes and help provide a more efficient offering.


Our experience includes lean systems; Toyota manufacturing methods; jigs for quality and speed improvements; mechanisation and automation.



Process Development & Bespoke Machine Services:

  • New product design
  • Product design and development processes
  • Process design and development
  • Product design engineering
  • Special purpose machines
  • Custom machine manufacturing
  • Bespoke machinery

Our Automation Partners:

For automation we work closely with


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