Product Design


Here at Alpha Precision design is the most critical stage in the product development when creating a solution for any product for our clients.


This is where we get it right, as it is the foundation of any tool, process development, or lean system. We use a range of advanced design software such as Solid Works and Geomagic.


We also use video animation to show how different parts in an assembly come together and interact.


These software capabilities allow us to get it right every time helping with our customer satisfaction giving them a unique insight as to how their product will look once it is moulded.


Design Validation & Prototyping


After we have designed the product and the tool, we need to test them for any abnormalities.


Using flow analysis software gives us the ability to be able to test features of the moulds such as the the flow of plastic allowing us to pick up any errors before it is machined.


Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for example allows us to test the strength and strain of the end product.


This saves the end user time and lowers production costs as they are able to use the mould for production as soon as it arrives.

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Product Development


The starting point is always the trickiest, and most important part of the process - identifying and designing what you, the client wants, whether it’s a new concept or something that is already available but may just need modifying for your specific requirements.  Whatever it is, Alpha Precision Engineering can assist and provide you with an efficient solution for all your manufacturing processes.


We take an idea from initial design right through to manufacture giving you the end product you require while achieving savings in production and costs.  It’s a win-win.  We get to do what we do best while you make saving!


Identifying a need…


We get it right – it’s the foundation of any tool, process development or lean system. We use a range of advanced design software tools such as Solid Works and Geomagic, and our video animations provide microscopic detail showing how the assembly parts come together and interact as a finished product.  This gives our customers clarity and peace of mind before committing to the final production.


Alpha Precision Engineering & Product Development